Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute



The 11th Toyota Riken
International Workshop"Actin Filament: beyond the atomic resolution structures"

Day 1st 25th. Nov. Mon
9:45~10:00opening remarks Yuichiro Maeda 
Session 1 Chaired by
10:00~10:30Shuichi TakedaCrystal structures of F-form actin reveal mechanisms of dynamic assembly and ATP hydrolysis author
10:30~11:00Yusuke Kanematsucomputational elucidation of F-actin ATPase reaction pathway
11:00~11:20coffee break 
Session 2 Chaired by
11:20~11:50Ryotaro KoikeStructural flexibility of actin monomer in molecular dynamics simulation
11:50~12:30Mitsunori TakanoDepolymerization mechanism of actin due to dielectric allostery
12:30~13:30Lunch (speakers: in the "meeting room" on the other side of the concours in the ES building)
Session 3 Chaired by
15:30~16:00Toshiro OdaPolymorphism of actin molecule and its function
16:00~16:40Hitoshi TatsumiSingle-molecule imaging and analysis of the tension dependent behavior of actin filaments
16:40~17:00coffee break 
Session 4 Chaired by
17:00~17:40Antonie JegouInterplay between Actin Filament Helicity and Mechanics
17:40~18:20Dimitrios VavylonisInsights into actin polymerization and nucleation using a coarse grained mode

Welcome Party:

All the speakers are invited to a casual restaurant "Hamakin" near the metro Motoyama Station Exit-5

Day 2nd 26th. Nov. Tue
Session 5 Chaired by
9:30~10:10Inari KursulaUnusual actin and myosin in the malaria parasite
10:10~10:40Ikuko FujiwaraFunctional characterizations of bacterial actin homolog, MreBs and fibril for Spiroplasma swimming motility
10:40~11:00coffee break 
Session 6 Chaired by
11:00~11:40Robert RobinsonRegulators of Actin dynamics from Asgard archaea
11:40~12:40Lunch (speakers: in the "meeting room" on the other side of the concours in the ES building)
Session 7 Chaired by
15:00~15:40NGO, XUAN KIENActin filaments must experience and utilize different structures for regulating the binding and function of many actin binding proteins
15:40~16:20Pekka LappalainenRegulation of actin dynamics by twinfilin and cyclase-associated protein
16:20~16:40coffee break 
Session 8 Chaired by
16:40~17:20Roberto DominguezStructure-Funcional Mechanism of Arp2/3 Complex Activation
17:20~17:50Akihiro NaritaCofilin functions and regulation from a structural view point

Reception Party:

A buffet-style party in a banquet room "Hakuten" on the 2nd floor in the Hotel Rubura Ohzan, for all the speakers and registered and paid participants

Day 3rd 27th. Nov. Wed
Session 9 Chaired by
9:00~9:40Velia FowlerRed Blood Cell Membrane Architecture, Shape and Biomechanics: From the Micro- to Nanoscale
9:40~10:20Naoki WatanabeTranslation of mechanical forces through cellular actin systems
10:20~10:40coffee break 
Session 10 Chaired by
10:40~11:20Ryu TakeyaRole of forimin-mediated actin assembly in cardiac development and function.
11:20~12:00Noriko FukudaCardiac nano-imaging: from cells to the heart
12:00~12:10Poster Award 
12:10~12:30Nominator's presentation 
12:30~12:40closing remarks Akihiro Narita 
12:40~13:30Lunch (Speakers: in the restaurant "Hananoki" in the campus)
14:00~17:00Excursion to Toyota Commemorative Museum for Industry and Technology

Closing Workshop dinner:

A buffet-style party with table spaces in the museum restaurant "Brick Age", for all the speakers and registered and paid participants.


11th Toyota Riken International Workshop ACTIN WORKSHOP Actin Filament: beyond the atomic resolution structures