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Scope and Purposes

Scope and purposes of this workshop:

In the last three years, we have made substantial progresses in structural elucidation of filamentous actin. The cryo-EM structure of cofilin/actin filament complex (Tanaka et al, 2018), and the crystal structures at actual atomic resolutions (1.2 to 2.3 Å) of the F-form actin have been obtained (submitted). Moreover the outline of the energy land-scape of actin polymorphs (Oda et al., 2019), and the reaction path of the F-actin ATP hydrolysis (in preparation) have been elucidated.

We believe that the F-actin structures of atomic resolutions have opened up a new area of the actin studies. In this workshop, we would like to discuss concepts to be developed from the above indicated new findings. At the same time, we would like to share recent results of the actin studies conducted in novel directions by the specialists in cell biology/physiology, in reaction kinetics, in biophysics and in structural biology. (Organizing Committee)


私たちの最近3年間の研究によって、アクチン・フィラメントの構造解明が大きく進展したと考えています。コフィリンが結合したアクチン線維のクライオ電顕構造を解明されました(Tanaka et al, 2018)。F型アクチンの結晶構造の解明に成功しました(1.2-2.3Å分解能)(投稿中)。また、アクチン分子の複数の形状の間のエネルギー関係の概要が解明され(Oda et al, 2019)、ATP加水分解の反応経路の解明が進んでいます(投稿準備中)。



11th Toyota Riken International Workshop ACTIN WORKSHOP Actin Filament: beyond the atomic resolution structures